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Female Network - The freshest, foxiest, most fabulous female community in Asia! Get practical, humorous advice from the house of girl-power!


Your safe space to understand the tricky, confusing, and wonderful world of interpersonal connections. Here is where we can break down the boundaries of what relationships are about and make our own rules.


The balancing act of a working woman ain’t easy — try asking a man to meet his deadlines in high-heels! Female Network gives you fresh, humorous advice on how to make it as a lady boss.

Health & Wellness

A happy life begins on the inside, but we understand that getting to your goals isn’t always the easiest thing. The Female Network community is your space to achieve all your Health & Wellness goals.

Fashion & Beauty

Runways don’t only exist during Fashion Week. In fact, the stylish siren knows that every sidewalk, staircase, and the empty street is an opportunity to strut your stuff. Get the confidence and fashion advice you need to claim your inner diva at The Female Network.