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As Beyoncé once said, “Who run the world? Girls!” Female leaders can now be found in all parts of the globe, in various industries, and for a good reason! A woman with a plan is simply unstoppable (can I get a hell, yeah?). As you ladies make your way up the corporate ladder, we want to provide you with the support, guidance, and female-friendly insights you need to achieve even your most significant career goals. After all, we know that the balancing act of a working woman ain’t easy (try asking a man to meet his deadlines in high-heels). The Female Network is here to give you a mix of both practical tips and humorous advice on making your way to the top. Looking for a fresh idea for your next power-outfit? Got that team-mate that you simply can’t stand? Nervous about asking for that next pay-raise? We’ve been there before and girl, we’ve got you covered! Add this page to your reading list and prepare to rule!