Our Advocacy

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The Female Network is an online community where women can share, learn, and thrive in a safe, female-powered space. Where nothing is taboo, and everyone is welcome, we’ll lay it all out as you’ve never seen before. Here is where you can come when you need motivation for your next big career move, consolation for your latest relationship mishap, and inspiration to simply learn how to embrace yourself — no make-up, stretch marks, wrinkles, and all.

We are your constant source for girl-power and digital high-fives. Not to mention super special discounts, freebies, and promotional offers from our partner brands to keep you looking and feeling fabulous.

Here at The Female Network, we believe that every woman has the power to achieve even her wildest dreams, and it is our mission to support that. Join us as we make our mark, the era of the woman has begun.

Meet the Founder

Hershey Chan is a business maven and super mom with one very clear goal — to build communities. Having experienced the challenges that come with living in 4 different countries on her own, Hershey knows the value of support and human connection. Her sharp skills in business are coupled with a woman’s touch, empowering her to create brands that are not only highly successful but also meaningful to their audiences. Always forward-looking, this lady continues to make her mark in the world.